Frequently Asked Questions - SmartVectorDesign

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you create your image packs?

I create all image templates manually, with the help of Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, then recolor them with my lists of carefully selected colors, and re-export them as SVG and PNG image files with my custom scripts and command-line utilities to create image packs.

This allows me to create large image packs and bundles without sacrificing image quality.

2. Are payments at SmartVectorDesign website secure?

Yes, all payments are powered by safe and secure payment service.

I do not have access to any sensitive payment information. I only receive the data which is required for fulfilling your order: your order number, email address, and the ID of the product you purchased.

All payments for bundle licenses are non-recurring. You will only be charged once.

3. How will my purchase be delivered?

You will receive your download links after your purchase via email.

You will be able to download ZIP archives with the images as well as unpacked image folders from Dropbox.

You can also sync the archives from the Dropbox download page to your Dropbox account (if you have enough space in it).

4. Do you create all images at SmartVectorDesign's website yourself?

Yes, I create all the image templates single-handedly, and tweak and export them as packs with the help of my custom scripts and utilities.

This helps ensure image quality, consistency, and unique theming capabilities.

If I use any third-party products, like glitter textures in the upcoming textured packs, I always license them for my own use with a commercial or extended license which supports using them in multiple end products for sale.

5. How can I combine backgrounds from different packs?

You can easily mix and match:

  • backgrounds with different patterns with the same color combo (for example, acid green diagonal stripes and acid green polka dot);
  • backgrounds with the same pattern with different color combos (navy and living coral or old gold stripes);
  • backgrounds with patterns of the same type and different pattern size (tiny polka dot and large polka dot);
  • backgrounds with the same pattern color and different background colors (pink lavender chevron on white background and pink lavender pinstripe chevron on gray background).

With the help of my background bundles, you can easily design a line of products with lots of variation yet consistent style.

6. Can I use your seamless background packs to create print-on-demand products, which will be printed all over?

Yes, you can! Images from any pack, which is marked as seamless, can be used to create such products.

7. Why are your background packs called "digital papers"?

It means that PNG images in the background packs and bundles are provided at 3600 x 3600 px image size and 300 DPI resolution, optimized for printing at 12 x 12" size. It is the most popular background image size used in scrapbooking.

SVG images in background packs and bundles have 3600 x 3600 artboard ("viewBox") size and can be resized to any size supported by your vector graphic editor without losing image quality.

8. How can I use a pattern from your vector background images separately from the image background? I have my own background on which I would like to overlay your pattern.

There are two or three layers in each SVG background image. You can easily open each SVG image in any vector graphic editor and delete the background layer white keeping the pattern.

9. Why are SVG images from Tiny Hearts background pack incompatible with Adobe Illustrator?

There is a known issue with Adobe Illustrator that this software distorts some vector shapes, which are very small relative to the size of the artboard. Tiny Hearts vectors are identical to Medium or Large Hearts SmartVectorDesign's vectors (which Adobe Illustrator can handle fine), just smaller. However, Adobe Illustrator distorts SVG shapes in Tiny Hearts vectors when re-exporting them as SVG or PNG images directly from Adobe Illustrator.

Thus, you can just use free Inkscape vector graphic editor or different vector-editing software to edit and re-export Tiny Hearts vectors.

PNG images from the Tiny Hearts backgrounds pack are compatible with any popular graphic editor, including Adobe Illustrator.

All other vector background packs from SmartVectorDesign are compatible with Adobe Illustrator.

10. Why is Marsala color in 250 color background packs not like Marsala Color of the Year 2015?

Marsala Color of the Year 2015 is a proprietary Pantone color. It is darker and more wine-ish than the regular Marsala color. Marsala color used in my background packs is the regular Marsala color present in several color lists. It is more pink/brown than the Marsala Pantone color.