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SmartVectorDesign Licenses

1. License Types

1.1. Extended/PoD (Print-on-Demand) License

Purchasing SmartVectorDesign's Extended/Print-on-Demand License permits you to use the images for which you purchased the license, with or without modifications, for creating an unlimited number of Physical or Digital End Products. You are permitted to produce these Physical or Digital End Products yourself or use a third-party service for producing your Physical End Products.

If you are a freelancer or an agency, you can create designs for your clients with SmartVectorDesign's images.

If you are a digital agency and would like your multiple employees or contractors to use SmartVectorDesign's images in their designs, the Extended License permits such usage.

Redistribution or reselling of purchased images is not permitted. You can only provide access to images if they are part of a finished product you create.

Attribution is not required.

1.2. App License

Purchasing SmartVectorDesign's App License permits you to use the images for which you purchased the license as design elements in your web or mobile graphic editor application. Examples of such applications include but are not limited to the following: banner editors, quote makers, greeting card makers, branding element makers, template-based video editors, Instagram story editors and so on.

Your end users are permitted to create and download designs, created with SmartVectorDesign's graphics and other elements with the help of your application, and use these downloaded designs commercially (if it is permitted by your application's license).

If you are going to use the images as part of the UI of your web or mobile application, you only need to purchase the Extended License.

Redistribution or reselling of purchased images is not permitted.

Attribution is not required.

To get a quote for the App License, please contact SmartVectorDesign.

2. Large Enterprise Licensing

If you represent a company with annual revenue of more than $1 million AND you would like to use SmartVectorDesign's graphics for creating more than 250,000 copies of Physical End Products or creating Digital End Products with more than 250,000 views, please contact SmartVectorDesign for Large Enterprise Licensing pricing.

3. Loyal Customer Discount

If you previously purchased SmartVectorDesign's products as individual packs on a graphic asset marketplace, please send the names of (or links to) the packs you purchased and order dates to [email protected]. You will be provided with a discount code for licensing graphic bundles from SmartVectorDesign website.