Refund Policy - SmartVectorDesign

30 Days Guarantee

If there is a technical problem with your purchase, please send a message with your order number and problem description to [email protected] within 30 days after your purchase.

If I am not able to resolve the problem, I will give you a complete refund for your purchase.

There is a known issue with Tiny Hearts vector packs being incompatible with Adobe Illustrator. Please see the answer to 9. Why are SVG images from Tiny Hearts background pack incompatible with Adobe Illustrator?

Refunds will not be given because of this incompatibility because it is an issue with Adobe Illustrator and not the Tiny Hearts SVG images. Please use Inkscape or different vector-editing software to edit Tiny Hearts SVG images.

All other vector background packs from SmartVectorDesign, including other heart packs, are compatible with Adobe Illustrator.